magyar változat
This site is for the Hungarian Gigaword Corpus containing more than one billion running words. This is the renewed version of the Hungarian National Corpus.
>> Latest version v2.0.5 is available since 8 June 2018. <<
Search interface. Registration. News.
It includes the whole material of the old HNC, but is has many new features and advantages. Get acquainted with the new corpus and the new search interface that is available after a free registration. Previous HNC registrations also apply for the new corpus. There is a detailed help about usage (in Hungarian). Data on sizes of subcopora are also available (in Hungarian). Annotation and user interface of HGC may change from time to time, in case of significant change the previous versions remain available. If you have a comment, please, contact us at mnsz[at]
Please refer to the following article and let us know about any work or publication that has been created using the Hungarian Gigaword Corpus:
Oravecz Csaba, Váradi Tamás, Sass Bálint: The Hungarian Gigaword Corpus. In: Proceedings of LREC 2014, 2014.

Also, try our other corpus query tool the Verb Argument Browser to investigate verbs and arguments directly.